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How does affiliate marketing work?

Any website owner who wishes to earn extra income from website traffic can sign up to an affiliate program or choose from a variety of affiliate programs available at one of the many affiliate networks. Once they have selected a partner to work with, the necessary tracking is put in place to monitor any sales, leads or other target activities and the affiliate is provided with marketing collateral (such as banners/text-ads and HTML emails) so they can promote the products or services. Any confirmed actions are then checked to eliminate fraud or refunds, and the affiliate is periodically paid the agreed fee or percentage.

What Are The Benefits

At EDM we will implement a successful affiliate marketing program that will:

  • improve the reach and exposure of your brand.
  • provide a low cost, accountable way of generating sales or leads.
  • reduce marketing costs and potential risks associated with generating sales.
  • increase relevant traffic that is quality controlled.
  • deliver a high return on investment (ROI).
  • provide a platform to launch new products, offers, and promotions to a mass market.

Why Use EDM

At EDM you get access to a highly experienced affiliate team with vast experience of running campaigns and recruiting affiliates across various markets. Our affiliate managers constantly seek out and build relationships with the best-performing affiliates to provide you with a steady growth of new affiliates and revenue.