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Email Marketing Company in Dubai, UAE

Email Marketing Company in Dubai, UAE

The Two Sides of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most efficient, convenient and economical ways for businesses to communicate with their existing customers and to reach out to newer customers around the world. However, you need to use it carefully with continual management.

As more and more digital marketing agencies in Dubai switch on to this powerful marketing tool, there is a subsequent increase in receipt of emails which causes a large percentage of the mails to be filtered out by spam filters. The ones that manage to reach the inbox are at times instinctively deleted by the recipients.

Considering these downsides of email marketing in UAE, we have undertaken a vast amount of research and analysis into how consumers interact with email communication. It has offered us several insights, expertise and experience in the field of email marketing in Dubai. Thus we are one of the few email marketing companies in Dubai that can help your email marketing campaign reach its target and deliver the desired results.

The Clear Advantages

Low-Cost Marketing

Low-Cost Marketing - Email Marketing in Dubai, UAE

Compared to the direct mail marketing, the cost savings are obvious as there are no material, printing or postage expenses involved in email marketing. Meticulously planned email marketing in UAE is only a fraction of the cost of direct mail marketing and typically generates higher response rates.

Quantifiable Results

Quantifiable Results - Email Marketing in Dubai, UAE

The impact of online marketing campaigns is easily measurable thanks to web statistics. EDM being one of the result-oriented email marketing companies in Dubai, we go one step further to provide you with a full breakdown of how your list of recipients received the email and what action was taken.

Immediate Response

Immediate Response - Email Marketing Company in Dubai, UAE

Given the convenience and immediate possibility, people respond faster to emails than direct mails. The call to action is clear and right there. E.g. “Click here to take advantage of this offer” or “Click to learn more about this service”. It helps marketers all along by delivering results in no time.

Targeted Audience

Targeted Audience - Email Marketing Company in Dubai, UAE

Personalised emails specific to your target audience tend to boost a favourable response. Email marketing strategy lets you segment your recipient lists using a variety of criteria and/or interests. It, therefore, allows you to direct your promotions to the group of people most likely to favourably respond to your offer and make the email marketing in Dubai a huge success for your business.

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