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Pay Per Lead (PPL) Services

Pay Per Lead (PPL) Services

Without sales, all businesses start suffocating after a certain time. You need to generate sufficient business leads to ensure the existence of your business.

So, have you narrowed your marketing goals to a singular view that your business requires leads? And not just any leads, the ones which have expressed their interest in your product or service. Pay per Lead (PPL) is a brand new concept where the affiliate pays on conversion of leads such as file download, completion of sign-up form or any desired action. You gain more in this type of affiliate marketing program than the traditional PPC as you pay only when the conversion is done. EDM is one of the best pay per lead companies in UAE and our lead generation tactics can assure you improved business opportunities.

Pay per lead services

Pay Per Lead Services

Pay per Leads

Increase Business Lead Growth

Get Quality Leads

Increase Business Awareness

Key Features of Pay per lead (PPL)

Key Features of Pay per lead (PPL)

  • PPL provides only the necessary information that you seek.
  • PPL marketing gathers essential sales leads and enquiries which are suitable for your business.
  • You can be selective with the leads and choose only the important ones, thus, pay per lead advertising method is cost effective
  • PPL marketing is quite simple to understand and can serve as a key component for your business.

Benefits of our Pay per lead services

  • Cost effective marketing method
  • Good return on investment
  • Completely measurable conversion ratio
  • Highly convenient for all types and sizes of businesses
  • Low up-front and high result
  • Better targeting opportunities
  • Full control over the volume of leads
  • Brand awareness

Being one of the top pay per lead companies in UAE, EDM serves the startups, renowned entrepreneurs and smaller firms to help them in chasing their big dreams and take their business to a new level. We serve all kinds of industries including:

EDM serves the startups - Pay Per Leads

  • IT
  • Ecommerce
  • Travel
  • Healthcare
  • Retailers
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Visa and immigration
  • Real estate
  • Interior décor
  • Ticket booking portals and many more

Why choose EDM for pay per lead services?

  • Stress free pay per lead services
  • Dedicated team always at your service
  • Use of latest marketing technology and strategies that work
  • Monthly reporting
  • More than 8 years of experience
  • Affordable pay per lead advertising services

EDM - pay per lead services

At EDM, a team of over 100 highly expert consultants are there to serve the need of the clients who are looking to capitalize on unlimited possibilities that digital marketing can provide. For any queries related to pay per lead advertising, you can contact us at +971 43873533 or email us at info@edmuae.com.