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Pay Per Click (PPC) Company in Dubai, UAE

Pay Per Click Agency Services

As internet traffic fluctuates from day to day and hour to hour, so do the keyword bid prices placed by your smartest competitors, who know that in times of high traffic it really pays to be top of the SERPs.
Due to these inevitable peaks and troughs in desirable internet traffic and in the intensity of the competition against your specific keyword bids, keeping proper control of your marketing budget and getting a good return on your investment can be very difficult to manage alone.

We at EDM can ensure that your company always stays on top of your competitors and always achieves the best possible return on your precious marketing funds. We do this by constantly monitoring and evaluating your pay-per-click marketing campaign around the clock, making necessary changes to bid prices, keywords and advert creative on your behalf at the exact time they are most beneficial to your business.

Never pay over the odds

Lone companies bidding at prices much higher than the norm – either to ensure the absolute pole position on the SERP or, more frequently, due to a lack of good pay-per-click management – can lead to considerable price gaps between competitors’ bids.

As your bid only needs to be 1p more than the closest bid to win the higher position on the SERP, it makes good financial sense to bid slightly over the lower of two bids placed by your competitors and still achieve a premium position on the SERP, than it does to try to outbid the lone competitor who is paying way over the odds in a fight for the absolute top spot.

Stay one step ahead

This intelligent approach to PPC bid management will maximise the efficiency of your marketing budget and make this medium a low-cost acquisition and branding tool for your online business.

Give your company a competitive advantage in this marketplace by getting in touch with one of our pay-per-click consultants today.