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SMS Marketing Company in Dubai, UAE

Why SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing Solutions for you

SMS marketing services can be used by effectively used by small companies as well as multinationals. Our clients from Abudabhi to Dubai have increased their sales using our SMS marketing campaigns services. We have targeted niche demographic audiences in Dubai, Abudhabhi for small to mid-size companies, providing SMS advertising, mobile marketing campaigns.

SMS text marketing services

We have large SMS database for many different regions and specific countries. As the SMS database is segregated as per demographic profiles, we can carry out a mobile marketing campaign targeting say Dubai residents. Client requirements for which we have carried out campaigns include SMS marketing targeting credit card holders in Dubai, SMS mobile marketing targeting potential acquisitions in Saudi Arabia, routine SMS text marketing to your own mobile number database, bulk SMS marketing to specific nationalities within UAE, promoting voters to exercise franchise during elections, invitation to join events.


Why choose us for SMS marketing?


Our team will design an SMS marketing campaign that integrates easily into your current advertising strategy.


Our services are tailor-made to suit you. We can design a mobile marketing solution for virtually any business selling a product or service.


Mobile marketing solutions are proven as an effective advertising tool. In fact, 89% of brands say they will use text and multimedia messaging to reach their audience in 2008* *Source: Mobile Marketing Association


Mobile marketing can test the effectiveness of your current advertising campaign.

Our SMS marketing campaigns have been used by small to mid-size companies, NGO’s & Governments. So be it a campaign targeting Iraq, or UAE, or Dubai Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE, Middle East or Saudi Arabia we have the required resources & technology to execute a cost-effective campaign.

Depending on your messaging requirements, you may find one or more of UAE SMS Marketing’s products to suit your needs. Feel free to contact us with your specific requirements and we will assist you in your choice.