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SMS Marketing Company in Dubai, UAE

SMS Marketing Company in Dubai, UAE

SMS Marketing Services Solutions

SMS marketing services are an effective way to reach out to clients not only for small companies but for multinationals as well. There are several SMS marketing companies in Dubai that can help you in your goal. If you are looking for SMS marketing services in Dubai, then we are happy to introduce ourselves as one. From Abu Dhabhi to Dubai, we have helped our clients increase their sales manifolds with the help of our SMS marketing in UAE. We meticulously plan the campaign for our clients that include small to mid-size companies and target niche demographic audiences for SMS marketing in Dubai and Abu Dhabhi.

How We Go About Bulk SMS Marketing

We have a large SMS database that includes data for many different regions and countries. Our SMS database is demographically segregated which helps us carry out a mobile marketing campaign targeting a specific group, say the residents of Dubai.

We have experience in carrying out different types of campaigns as per the client requirements. Some of the important ones include bulk SMS marketing in Dubai targeting credit card holders, in Saudi Arabia targeting potential acquisitions and within UAE to specific nationalities, routine SMS text marketing to client-owned database, sending SMS encouraging voters to exercise franchise during elections, invitation to join events and so on.

Why choose us?

Following are the advantages of choosing us over the many SMS marketing services in Dubai:


Ease - SMS Marketing

We are experienced in designing an SMS marketing campaign that easily integrates into your current advertising strategy.



Our services are tailor-made to suit you. We are capable to design a mobile marketing solution for virtually any business irrespective of whether they sell a product or service.


Marketing Effectiveness - SMS Marketing

Mobile marketing solutions are proven as an effective advertising tool. In fact, many of the major brands claim to use text and multimedia messaging to reach out to their audience as per a 2008 survey conducted by the Mobile Marketing Association.



Mobile marketing can be tested for the effectiveness of your current advertising campaign.

Our SMS marketing campaigns have been used by small to mid-size companies, NGO’s and even Government organizations with a lot of success. From Dubai, Abu Dhabhi and Sharjah in UAE to Saudi Arabia and Iraq in the Middle East, we have the resources, capability and technology to execute a cost-effective campaign to target any of these regions.

Being one of the most prominent online marketing companies in Dubai, EDMUAE can help you realize your true marketing potential. Feel free to call us at +971 43873533 or email us at info@edmuae.com to request a free quote.