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Web & Design Development Solutions

First impressions really count: we know all the design tips and techniques that will persuade your visitors to stay.

When somebody visits your website you have to immediately appear to offer them a solution to what they are looking to find otherwise you are likely to lose that visitor and a potential customer.

Professional web design

At EDM we create well balanced professional websites that ease the flow of the user within your site to where they need to be. Well structured and well designed, all the websites EDM design are completely user focused to maximise the conversion potential of your website traffic.

Web design to do business

Our web designers build e-commerce and content managed websites that are designed to perform. This involves encompassing every aspect from design to structure as well as content based on sound knowledge and research into visitor behaviour and response. We will create a website that potential customers can find and use easily, maximising the opportunity to create new and loyal customers.

Manage your own content

Not only is your website giving you the best opportunity of reaching your potential customers but it can also be managed. We have over 14 years of experience implementing content management systems from creating a bespoke system to using some of the most popular open source projects for various solutions. We incorporate best practice, user-friendly content management systems so that you are fully in control of managing and updating your website. This means that you can easily upload pictures and documents, as well as change text, pricing and SEO options. Your website is fully content managed by yourself with no ongoing costs or expertise required.

Web standards

At EDM we always employ ‘best practice’ methods and technologies and there are some very good reasons for doing this:

  • Usability – we build all our websites with good usability in mind to provide your customers with the best possible experience.
  • Faster loading times for site pages due to smaller file sizes, the pages will load quicker and your site will use less bandwidth to prevent users from leaving before the page loads.
  • Accessible to more users – this doesn’t just mean that disabled people will be able to access the site using a screen reader it also allows the site to be viewed on an increasing array of portable devices, such as PDAs and mobile phones.
  • Improved search engine rankings – search engines will be able to read and index your content more easily which will lead to increased site traffic.

Search-engine ready

All EDM websites have search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques built in at the design stage giving you a truly search engine ready website.

High search engine rankings

We want potential customers to find your website and all of our websites are designed and delivered with this goal in mind. At EDM all of our websites are search engine optimized as an integral part of the package we offer, giving you that immediate competitive edge and the tools to promote your website and achieve those all important high search engine rankings.

Maintaining position

Having a search engine ready website gives you the competitive edge. We will deliver your website with search engine optimisation as an integral part of the design and offer training and ongoing support to enable you to effectively manage your website and maintain that competitive edge.

Learn how to:

  • write compelling content that is good for both the search engines and converting your customers.
  • improve and maintain high positions/rankings on Google and other major search engines.
  • plan, implement and measure effective internet marketing strategies, including building your site’s reputation through link building.
  • measure, manage and maximise the effectiveness of your website traffic through website analytics.